1.0 1.1 simple A simple tab library for the tkspexp dbOpen oracle.jsp.tags.sql.dbOpenTag JSP # Implements Tag and doesn't do any BodyTag specific. # Extends ConnBean # User, Password, and URL are mandatory properties # ConnBean properties like stmtCacheSize, Prefetch, and BatchSize can also be set and get. # connId is optional # If connId is present, then the connection is not closed during "release" time and instead application should explicitly close with dbClose tag connId false user true true password true true URL true true dbQuery oracle.jsp.tags.sql.dbQueryTag oracle.jsp.tags.sql.dbQueryTEI JSP This tag provides an abstraction over SQL queries. There are 2 optional attributes, queryId and connId attribute, which, when provided, must be the connId for some connection tag. The body should, when evaluated, correspond to an SQL query. Notes : *) Implements BodyTag *) Extends CursorBean *) connId, queryId, and output are all optional *) if connection is null, then we get from parent using (findAccessorClass). If there is no top level nested dbOpen clause, then this will fail. *) if id is not null, then the Cursor is not closed during release, and should be explicitly closed by dbCloseQuery call. *) Cursor Bean properties like ResultSetType, ResultSet concurrency, BatchSize, Prefetch Size and Query Timeout can also be set and retrieved. *) output types : #) HTML/html : Generates a HTML table. This is the default. #) XML/xml : Generates a XML string #) JDBC/jdbc : Generates a JDBC result set, that can be iterated over with dbNextRow call. queryId false connId false output false true dbClose oracle.jsp.tags.sql.dbCloseTag Close the connection Notes : Just implements Tag and doesn't do BodyTag specific. connId is mandatory connId true dbCloseQuery oracle.jsp.tags.sql.dbCloseQueryTag Close the Cursor #) Extends TagSupport #) queryId is mandatory #) closes the cursor bean (Query) with the given query. queryId true dbExecute oracle.jsp.tags.sql.dbExecuteTag JSP #) To execute both DMLs and DDLs #) Extends CursorBean #) Implements BodyTag #) If connection is null, then we get from parent using (findAccessorClass). If there is no top level nested dbOpen clause, then this will fail. #) if the Output yes, then HTML string "no rows affected" will be printed. for DML and the statement execution status will be printef for DDLs. Default is no. connId false output false true dbNextRow oracle.jsp.tags.sql.dbNextTag JSP #) dbNextRow is only valid if the output is specified as JDBC when dbQuery is executed. The Resultset object is created in the TEI class (of dbQuery) and passed over to the subsequent tag. #) queryId is mandatory #) Extends BodyTagSupport. #) The body is executed which each row in the resultset queryId true